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boxes are hot. cameras don't trigger today (they did yesterday)


I have received 3x power and trigger boxes. Yesterday I tried with 1 set, triggering 6 cameras. This worked. I used a 7th camera as the trigger

1. I left the boxes plugged in overnight. Today they are very hot! Why? Is it a problem? 

2. today, when I connect the "trigger camera"  to the "input" port of the trigger box, I am not able to use that camera - it triggers once when i connect it, but then it doesn't respond, and I can't trigger it again.

3. I just can't trigger any cameras. I'm absolutely panicking right now. Can you please help?

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Hi Jeffrey, 

Sorry to hear you are experience an issue. 

1. Regarding the temperature, leaving them on overnight will result in the temperature rising as they are constantly working even if you have the cameras switched off. Are you stacking all the boxes together? If so, are the PowerBoxes on top of the TriggerBoxes? 

We'd recommend the TriggerBoxes always be on top of the PowerBoxes. That way, the heat doesn't get transferred down to the other boxes. 

2. The TriggerBox hasn't been designed to work in this way. The input port is designed for connecting wired or wireless remotes. Currently, you are connecting two inputs together hence why it is unlikely to work. All cameras need to be connected to an output. 

Please contact us directly if you need any further assistance.



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